Pastor Patricia Saunders, M.Div; Th.D -CEO/President - DC Alliance Pastoral Care Domestic Violence  Chat & Chew
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The DC Alliance, Empowering Homicide Survivors, Inc. (DCAEHS), was incorporated October 2009 and is acting as a clearing house for supportive services.We have assembled a team of trained professionals to assist victims, co-victims and families of domestic violence & homicides, when it occurs in the Washington, DC Metropolitan areas. The DC Alliance, Empowering Homicide Survivors, Inc. (DCAEHS).
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best qualified, ethical and professional service in the industry. We understand that fear is a major  factor for not reporting domestic violence or providing information about a homicide and may be you feel that you can handle this alone, but you must realize that help is available and you don't have to deal with these issues alone. (DCAEHS) is determined to be proactive to prevent the possibility of your situation developing into a homicide or suicide, so we suggest that you reach out and get help now, before it's too late.  Additionally, DCAEHS, Inc. is determined to continue to embrace the impact of the needs of so many that are hurting and suffering from the devastation of pain for years, from the lost of a loved one to violence and what we want to do is to take back our communities, focus on reality and know that we have the power to come together and deal with these issues.
For the last two three years, we have established the one and only National Pastoral Care Domestic Violence Leadership Conference for all Pastors to receive Educational Trainings, as it relate to Domestic Violence, Teen Dating Violence and Bullying, because we recognized that within the churches we have the victims and the perpetrators, and the pastor's have a moral and ethical responsibility to provide you with services and or provide you with a referral to get help.
1st. Location:
P.O. Box 8753
Hyattsville, MD 20787
2nd. Location: 
Carroll Manor Rehab Center - DC
Brookdale Estates Rehab Center - MD
DC Department of Corrections - DC & MD
Thomas Circle Rehab Center - DC
Prayer Helpline - 240-899-3483
Mon - Fri: 8AM - 8PM
Sat: 10AM - 5PM
Sun: Emergency Request Only
Board of Directors:
Pastor Patricia Saunders, CEO
Interfaith Fellowship Praise Ministry
Elder Janice Rawlings, RN
Interfaith Fellowship Praise Ministry

Apostle Luis A. Ganaway, Ph.D
Holy Light Spiritual Tabernacle Ministry, Inc.
Proposal Development
Natalie Sykes