Reverend Patricia Saunders, CEO/President - Domestic Violence   HIV/AIDS   Homicide   Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care Chaplaincy Project: As of March 1, 2011 we implemented in the District of Columbia.  We are recruiting cleric volunteers that are willing to serve.  Application, background check, letter of commitment, letter of support, confidentiality statement and extensive trainings will be required.
Langston Community Outreach Project (LCOP): We have partnered with Ms. Janice McCree, Langston Resident Council, Ark of Life Empowerment, Inc. We are a collaborative effort among community-based organizations working together to redefine the housing project lifestyle of the future.
Homicide Hotline or Survivors: The Hotline will be available for all survivors from 6:00am - 12midnight, seven days a week, unless it is an emergency, then we will respond immediately.
Pro Bono Criminal Attorney: We are please to announce that we have Ms. Jani Tillery, Esq., who works for the MD Crime Victims Resource Center, has agreed to work with DCAEHS with victims that need assistance with only criminal cases in the District of Columbia.  She has offered to assist us with educational training as it relates to Victims Rights & Responsibilities.
Volunteers Process and Requirements: Licenses or attended seminary. Recommendation Letters, from your Bishop, Pastor or Overseer, Community Organization or Agency. Police Clearance, Law Training with MPD, Justice Department, Cultural Sensitivity & Pastoral Spiritual Care Training and must be approved by DCAEHS, Inc., Board of Directors.
DC Alliance Victims Fund: How can you as a survivor take an active part in participating in an effort to help others? DCAEHS, Inc., is establishing a victims fund to assist those families that do not qualify for Crime Victims Assistance Program.  This fund is only for a recipient that will be screen and must qualify to receive the minimum funding, if available for burial assistance only. Your contributions will be tax deductible.

DC Department of Corrections: Every 1st Thursday, 12:45pm - 1:45pm and Every 3rd Tuesday from 5:30pm - 5:30pm.  We provide a Curriculum on "Men Thriving for Destiny."  We are working with the "Purpose Driven Life"  Since we started in March 2015, several men have been blessed and released. Theses classed helps the men to think about real life and how we can change our life when we are determine to set our destiny according to the Word of God.

Testimony:  One of the men shared that he as been locked up for over 30 years and during that time they didn't have DEA, so the charges that they give him, could not be found, but he stated that he knows that one day the Lord will deliver him and he will get out and help other men. He shared since he as been incarcerated, he found the need to teach other men about the Bible, because he knows that this is the only way to survive.

Hospital Visitation:  Upon the request of the families, we are visiting patients at the Capitol Hill Nursing Center.  We visit patients daily, upon request.